There's not much to tell really. We're a small team that run the smallest nightclub in town and somehow we manage to provide the best night out. We don't do PAs of soap stars, reality stars, anyone who has been voted off the X Factor. We just provide great music, great service and hope you will come and have a great night.


We opened in July 2010 and a lot of people were betting we wouldn't see August 2010. Yet here we are July 2016 celebrating being here 6 years. 

Mamma Jammas



mamma jamma
(n.) 1. something that is considered by many to be very sexy and/or boss. 2. synonym for the word "thing"
eg: you peepin' at that hott mamma jamma?

(n.) This is meant to describe a fine nubian goddess that can boogie on the dance floor.
Look at that fine Mamma Jamma break it down on the dance floor.

We are located at:

15 West St,

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01432 278113



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